Spray-bake booths

Spray booths for the furniture industry are usually separate spray and bake booths. In this case the size of the spray booth depends on the number of employers working simultaneously inside the booth as well as on the size of painted obiect, technology of spraying applied and of course of housing conditions. Taking above considerations into account, the spray booths for the furniture industry have different dimensions and we did not make two booths with the same dimensions yet.

The ASTHERM spray booths are designed with their greatest versatility in mind, therefore we assumed 3000 mm as the standard inside height of the booth , measured from floor grids level to a ceiling filter . Thanks to that assumption, it is possible to spray such spatial elements like chests of drawers, wardrobes, counters, and the like.
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The air draft in the booths for the furniture industry varies, depending on needs. The warm air passes through the filter ceiling all the time, so the worker always breathes the clean air. The filter ceiling can be placed directly above the spraying area or a little bit off its centre . In the booth with the vertical air downdraft the dusted air is extracted through floor grids, in the cabin with the air crossdraft - through filters located in the side / gable wall, or simultaneously through the floor grids and filters in the side/gable wall - in the cabin with the combined, vertical-cross draft. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages, and the solution choice is selected together with the Inwestor, after determining the type and amount of spraying needed and resulting advantages of individual solution.

A lighting arranging and its brightness are usualy a crucial factor in the paint shop. Depending on the scope of production we propose different options: vertical lamps, horizontal lamps, also in two and more rows, horizontal lamps + lamps in the ceiling, shining down toward the floor. As In the case of the ventilation system, we also agree this with the Customer and propose the best solution, dependent on the production specificity.

Ventilation-heating systems are designed either acording to safety standards or are designed on the basis of individual studies. Systems of air heating used: oil, gas heaters, hot-water heat exchangers. Additionally we can use recuperation units based on unattended cross–flow exchangers with nominal efficiency up to the 75%.

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