Grinding stations

They are outstanding suplement to the carpenter's shop. Their structure is similar to the preparation station, however on account of the kind and the amount of overspray, both the filtration type and placing of the filter system are different.

We can additionally suplement the existing ventilation system with special filters equipped with shaking system and connected to dust collectors. It is also possible to connect the ASTHERM grinding station to the overall exhaust system providing its sufficient effectiveness.

Depending on the size of the station, it is possible to create from 2-3 to even 4-6 workstations inside.
ASTHERM - manufacturer and supplier of spray booths, spray-bake booths and preparation stations for professionals - Grinding station for the furniture industry

Since 2008 continuously we participate in the  Reliable Company program  and we may provide  informations confirming our credibility. Since 2013 our activity is based on the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard - the number of our certificate is : 12 100 45513 TMS.
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