Recuperation systems

These units are used for recovering the heat from the device. They are based on technology of plate and cross-flow exchangers, made in the special 'for the paint shop' option without using silicone and with increased spaces / even to 12 mm/ between plates. Their surface is unique press-shaped to prevent permanent fouling with paint dusts and to provide the largest heat exchange area.

When using the air recuperator, on account of additional plate exchanger drag, a set of necessary modifications of the fans: their motors, drives and control should be done. In the standard spray booth, without the recuperation system, the ventilation efficiency is calculated for a static pressure usually from 300-400 Pa /for low-budget booths/ to 700-900 Pa /for booths of higher quality/ . In case of using the recuperation unit it is necessary to use fans being able to achieve the assumed ventilation effectiveness at the 1200-1600 Pa pressure /depending on the nominal drag of the plate exchanger/.
Worth to know about spray booths and spray-bake booths for automobile, furniture and general industry - Recuperation systems

The nominal efficiency of plate exchangers used by ASTHERM is agreed with the Investor and can achieve even a 75%. However we usually use exchangers with the efficiency of the 60% on account of their most favourable parameters/price ratio.

Additionally, so-called 'bypass' system is installed in the recuperation unit. This is automatically working system, which in case when temperature difference is too small/in the summer/ passes the air sideways, skipping the drag of the plate exchanger. In combination with inverters controlling the rotation speed of engines /and consequently - with the effectiveness of the ventilation/, and the automatic control of the booth pressure, this reduces an electricity consumption in the drastic way. In this solution there is no need to take the cross-flow exchanger out for the summer period.

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