Preparation stations

They are complementary to a spray booth. The station consists of a grated floor area with exhaust ventilation system. A filter ceiling with the lighting is hung over the floor , supplying clean air and providing proper illumination of the working place.

The stations are used to conduct grinding works prior to the spraying, but also to conduct the polishing works before spraying the next paint layer. Conducting these works on the grated floor through which the air is being sucked out all the time reduces radically dusting of the sprayed surface and the spread of overspray around the hall.

To keep the neighbouring workstations clean we offer the installation of drawn aside curtains. Their number and the size are matched to needs of the specific place.
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The ventilation system of the preparation station offers two operation modes: SUMMER mode - where 80% of the air volume is taken out of the station and 20% is blown through the filter ceiling into the workzone and WINTER mode- where 80% of the air volume is circulating in the closed cycle, and 20% is extracted out of the station. Such operation allows for the effective ventilation in summer and prevents excesive cooling of the hall in winter.

In installations, where the work in the preparation station is intensive or where many stations are installed, we offer the heating unit installation as an option, compensating for losses of the heat by heating the supplied air to the paint shop 20C temperature.


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