Spraying stations

Painting stations - painting posts - varnish stations - these are ventilation devices equipped into filters, usually so-called 'dry filters' but fitting the painting station with the water filter is also possible. The function of the station is to remove overspray and solvent mist from the work area and zones where people are present.

On account of the fact that spraying should be performed towards filters and the working hoisting ventilation, and to the need to rotate the painted obiect - painting stations are used for spraying obiects of relatively small sizes.

In case of the installation of the painting station in the small room, installing the ventilation- heating system is necessary. The system must have an ability to suplement the volume of air extracted outside and to heat this air volume supplied to the temperature required for the application.
ASTHERM - manufacturer and supplier of intake-heating centres, recuperation systems, soundproof booths and spraying stations - Spraying stations

We produce painting stations enabling to use filters without waste. Widths of our standard painting stations are: 160 cm, 240 cm, 320 cm, 400 cm or 480 cm, at the fixed height of 200 cm. The devices are delivered complete, equipped with filters and the exhaust ventilation system. They have an analogue control system.


Since 2008 continuously we participate in the  Reliable Company program  and we may provide  informations confirming our credibility. Since 2013 our activity is based on the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard - the number of our certificate is : 12 100 45513 TMS.
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