Control systems

We use ASTRONIC ™ control units based on Mitsubishi PLC devices and the software written exclusively for our devices.

Dedicated software apart from the function of the standard control of operation modes of each section of booths or stations, uses additionally a special software that radically reduce operating costs /e.g. ESS program - Energy Saving System/ and accelerates some processes /QDS program = Quick Drying System/. The APC /Automatic Pressure Control/ system cares for keeping stable working conditions regardless of the degree of polluting of filtration system /in their normal use range/.

Besides the digital control, the ASTHERM devices are equipped with analogue steering system fitted with adjustable elements, protections, the safety cut-out switch and the working hours counter.
Worth to know about spray booths and spray-bake booths for automobile, furniture and general industry - Control systems

Steering systems applied by ASTHERM have a possibility of remote diagnostics of basic parameters of the painting system, their alteration as well as the modification of the installed software. Thanks to that we can quickly react to current needs or possible problems of the Customer.

Since 2008 continuously we participate in the  Reliable Company program  and we may provide  informations confirming our credibility. Since 2013 our activity is based on the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard - the number of our certificate is : 12 100 45513 TMS.
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