Professional spray booths and painting stationsSolutions for professionals

We are in the bussiness since 2005, delivering best quality solutions - we design and manufacture: spray booths, spray-bake booths, preparation stations, grinding stations, painting lines, painting stations, ventilation-heating systems, heat-blow stoves and soundproof booths.

We also perform services of cutting and bending metal sheets using numerically controlled machines (CNC).

The best quality of offered products is one of our priorities.


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Our advantagesWhy choose Astherm?
Quality guaranteedWe use inspected sub-assemblies only. From our experience we know that their best quality is transferring itself to reliability and failure-free operation of offered devices.
Very succesful designsOffered solutions were tested in practice, but new technologies and experience gathered from their everyday intense use still allow for their improvement.
Efficient and fast serviceIt is a considerable part of our success since we are cooperating with production plants and we know very well how important for them is the unbroken operating time of the devices.
Since 2008 continuously we participate in the  Reliable Company program  and we may provide  informations confirming our credibility. Since 2013 our activity is based on the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard - the number of our certificate is : 12 100 45513 TMS.
Astherm Sp. z o.o.

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